Friday, March 25, 2011

Four Hearts Friday

Time again to look at my faves for the week. I have to admit this first one has been a fave of mine for quite a while, but I feel I would be remiss in leaving it off any list of cool things...

Nerdigurumi is the premier site for all cool amigurami's, patterns and other nerdy fun. I have tried and tried to learn to crochet, and something about the hook eludes me. I can knit simple patterns, like scarves or hats so I have to live vicariously through these fun people! How totally cute is this smiling hamburger.

Now as a household of 2 children I NEVER have a coaster, what's the point really when you know everything is going to end up spilled anyway? These are the most beautiful coasters ever and very affordable. Justnoey is a very talented Etsy seller, you can look up the shop in the pottery section or click the photo above to see this listing.

Since discovering Recycled Fashion I have been taking a long look at the things in my closet that could be refashioned and I can't wait for some nice long weekends to dive in and use some of these ideas. So many UGLY, I mean really, really, ugly things on this site have been turned into the cutest pieces.

One of my favorite paper companies at the moment. I wish I could have everything they make!

As always go click happy on the photos above to go visit these sites directly, and don't forget to leave me your weekly favorites in the comments, see you later alligators!

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