Thursday, March 31, 2011

just another day...

There are so many different kinds of days in a week. I don't mean moods (of which we have about 40 a day with three ladies in the house), I mean all the millions of routines and craziness we struggle to muddle through Saturday to Sunday.

Typically a Mon - Fri will now begin at 5 am (the cell phone alarm feels like the death toll at this hour), I can only afford one snooze otherwise I might not get out of bed at all.

Shower, dress, hair (doing my hair is a new adventure for me now that I have this cut and honestly I don't think I really understand how a 'hairdryer and round brush' work).

Lately it's been so cold there is a 'start car' option at this point, and it's still dark outside, and really, really cold (did I mention it's going to snow 6 to 12 inches this week, yeah that's NOT and April fool's joke).

Run back inside, because of course I did not put on my jacket to start the car, and pack my bag (lunch, water bottle, mail to go out, whatever crap I think I might need in a day). Off to the gas station, I commute an hour and a half every day to and from work for my temp job so I am almost always going to the gas station. I'm not sure why I don't fill up, something about putting less than $40.00 in gas in the car makes me feel like I am not pouring every cent I make into the gas tank.

Off to work


LONG drive home, pick up darling 2 YO at daycare, home to the house where darling 12 YO is waiting, undoubtedly NOT doing her homework and cleaning her room as asked, but instead sneaking extra TV time.

Dinner, baths, teeth, books, maybe a movie if it's not bedtime.

Quiet, sit, rest, BREATHE, lie down to read, research or write... inevitably fall asleep before any of those things happen.

GRRRRRR wake up on couch at 2 am, drag butt to bed, sleep till it starts again...

When do I find time to craft? lately I dont and it's definately taking a toll
When do I find time to cuddle with my hubby? I don't, also taking a toll
When do I find time to blog, pee, think, cook, blink? I don't... another toll

Looking forward to the weekend, LOT's planned :)

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