Friday, April 1, 2011

Four Heart Friday and a little musing

Before we start on the goodness of 4 <3 F, Don't forget to scroll down or click HERE to enter to win the Chandelier stamp set! Last chance!

Ok, it's no real surprise to you guys that I love ZOMBIES!!! So when I came across this freaking awesome hat, how could I not heart it? A crocheted brain hat, oh for Pete's sake (I'm not even really sure what that saying means...) it's very well the coolest thing I have seen all week. I cannot for anything crochet, so if any lovely reader out there wants to whip one of these babies up for me please do, I'm sure there is some obscure holiday coming up for which you could make an excuse to send one my way, as always click the pics to get over there and check it out...

What will you dare to do today? If you can't think of a wonderful, profound way to be creative today, let these talented ladies help you out. The Story blog is all about the super cool gals who take a dare and RUN AMOK in style.

Lately I have been so taken in with neutrals, something simple and flawlessly beautiful, as noted in yesterday's post things are crazy here lately and I find myself drooling over white, kraft, and brown tone on tone. Is it too cliche to get on the doily bandwagon at this point? I think... NO. annakrycz shop is filled to the brim with pretties, if I wasn't so darn broke I might very well have one of her pillows on every surface of the house.

and last but most definitely not least this week is a totally rad lady I met on twitter. This story is so random... I was searching for #scrapbooking and her name popped up, so I tweeted her the link to the blog hop (which is coming right up next week you know, insert shameless self promotion here) and the totally fun and weird interaction that ensued was like magic. It was the kind of meeting that twitter and facebook was meant to create, so cool to see @Jacks dream in motion, people connecting, worlds turning, knowledge transferring, maps creating. If you don't know what I am talking about go HERE... but I digress. Here is Gen at GSpeegle in all her birthday glory, want more? Check her out over at her super fantastic blog (pic link is her shop, go HERE for the blog action).

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Gen said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for featuring my birthday layout!