Sunday, March 20, 2011

A new adventure for little one

Have I told you yet about this adventure in babysitting we are undertaking? Yes, my little spoiled baby 2 YO has begun daycare (gasp). With the commute to my new job to far away I can’t make it home before the hubby goes to work so Lili has entered into a whole new level of her little life.

And it makes me feel like a complete failure.

You know those moms that you absolutely hate (you're probably just jealous, I know I am)? The ones who have everything (including the kitchen sink) on hand whenever, wherever they are?

- Band aid? Check.
- Toy? Check.
- Snack? Check.
- Spacesuit and gas mask? Check.
- The moms whose kids never throw screaming fits in the grocery store, the moms who have time to cook instead of feed their children breakfast for dinner?

I am NOT that mom.

I am the mom who allows duct tape to be used as band aids because its what’s closest
I am the mom who allows her children to open boxes of crackers in the store because she never remembers toys or snacks and it’s the only thing keeping a screaming fit at bay.
I am the mom who drops her 2 year old off at daycare each morning and the teacher STILL after 2 weeks has to pry her daughter off her leg kicking and screaming “don’t leave me mommy”.

And my heart breaks.

"Keep calm and carry on", “This won’t last forever” they assure me. YEAH RIGHT, I'm thinking.
When my hubby took a turn doing the drop off and comes home and says "WOW that was torture"
I say “It won’t last forever, she will adjust, she’s not used to you dropping off”.

But I am secretly thinking, when will it end?

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