Saturday, April 9, 2011

And the Oscar goes too....

Not me... but I did get this bad boy:

Now after the SUPER SWEET Amber passed on this totally rad award to me, I did some research on it and apparently it is one of the coolest awards on the web. Why? because it is passed from blogger to blogger, you don't have to to anything amazing or special EXCEPT BE YOURSELF. The best kind of recognition (in my humble opinion) is that which validates you for who you are, not what you have. So I want to congratulate EVERYONE who has ever received this award, because it means that you are liked and loved by people who do what you do.
People who understand the late night posts, the fun and fabulous lengths you go to to entertain and inform each day. Also I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Amber for passing this on to me, it means a lot!

Now on to the award. Once you are lucky enough to have had it bestowed upon you there are a few rules:

1. Thank the person who gave it to you (and link back to their post in your post)
2. Tell everyone 7 things about yourself, that you have not blogged yet
3. Pass the award along to 15 or 7 new amazing (and newly discovered) bloggers (I have seen this award both ways)
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them they won!

Here Goes!

THANK YOU AMBER YOU AMAZING GIRL YOU! Click HERE to see her post and then visit her homepage to see all her amazing posts. I wish I could list her as one of my peeps, as I only just discovered her when she gave me this award. Amber is so fun and witty and her blog is great, go check her out!

7 Things you might not know about me...

1. I have a Twitter obsession. I don't follow many people but I tweet almost everything I hear and see. I don't even know why?! I don't know if anyone is even reading my tweets, but for some reason every time I see or hear anything funny I tweet it.

2. I drink WAY to much coffee. Like, enough for 10 people in a day. Almost 2 gallons I would say, or more some days. I LOVE coffee, I would drink it as my only beverage if I didn't also need to have water (is there such a thing as coffee flavored water?)

3. I sometimes wish I had an extra toe or finger, only because sometimes I think I might be boring and it would be a conversation starter. I am a very outgoing person but I have trouble with small talk when it comes to meeting new people.

4. I have no sense of smell or direction. I can NEVER smell my kid's poopy diapers, or when things are burning (which TOTALLY annoys my husband). I get lost even with directions in any place that I don't know. I can be staring at the place I need to go and turn the wrong way.

5. I have HUGE toes, I have always envied those girls with cute petite little feet and soft cute toes. My toes are like bulbous gross things, and I can't get a pedicure because I am very ticklish on the bottom of my feet.

6. I am grossed out by vomit, even my own. If I am sick and feel like I have to toss cookies I will do anything in my power to hold it as long as possible. Once I even yelled at my oldest daughter who was really sick and throwing up because it grossed me out (I know, mom of the year right?).

7. I have always wanted to live in the city. I love small town life, the safety and security of raising my kids here, but I am a city girl at heart.

Now to pass the torch!

GO SEE THESE BLOGS, THEY TOTALLY ROCK! Guys, seriously, I am have recently discovered some truly amazing ladies and gents in the blogosphere I hope you go take a look, and leave an awesome comment for these Versatile Bloggers!

Ok, so thank you all for coming and reading my blog and making me feel special everyday, and another big thank you to Amber for this award!


Amber said...

I know that I haven't been reading your blog too long either, but it's quickly become one of my favorites. I was glad to pass the award on to you! :)

And as for sense of smell... I'd gladly pass on mine to you, especially when it comes to dirty diapers! It always seems like my youngest is poopy!

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

I am so glad you did, because I never would have found you! I love your blog I immediately added it to my followers list so I can get it on my google reader. Wait till you see what's happening this week, I've been writing posts all afternoon, I think it's going to be an awesome week! Four Heart Friday is posting tomorrow at 10 am if you like window shopping you will love it!

Gen said...

Thank you so much for the award and recognition! You're awesome!


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

CONGRATS on this award girl! And thank you so much for passing it along to me--you made me smile!

I was cracking up when I read that you sometimes wish you had an extra toe...LOL--too funny!