Sunday, April 10, 2011

Four Heart Friday (on Sunday)

Ok, Ok, I was a slacker, but in my defence... nope actually I don't have an excuse. I simply forgot what day it was and didn't do it. Grrrr.

Well lets get this show on the road shall we?

It's an Etsy shmorgasborg (sp?) today! Barn Owl Primitives has some of the most awesome distress wood signs. I LOVE their style and the sentiments are so great.

In the interest of 'Keeping it Weird' (which is the latest Etsy blog post), I found this gem of a store. Its no secret I have a thing for prints and these are just amazing. Of course linoleum prints are always amazing, I love the imperfections from the process. See this one and more at Erica Harris:
 As of late I have been falling more in love with skirts everyday, maybe its the warmer weather, or just the femininity that a skirt conveys, whatever it is I like it. Larimeloom does it with flair and finesse. I am totally in love with this skirt and as soon as my thighs will fit I plan on begging her to make me one

I have a paper issue. You know this, so it's no surprise that one of this weeks hearts is a talented scrapper. the picture link is actually to her blog, because Melissa Phillips (owner of Lily Bean's Paperie) is more than just an Etsy store owner. She has a fun blog that I have become totally addicted to, you can find the link to her store on the left of her blog so defiantly check that out after you peruse her fun blog.

Better late than never I say, right? I know you will all forgive me so I'm not sweatin it :) This week is going to be CRAZY around here so stay tuned for a freaking cute Easter Favor tutorial, pictures from Bigkid's dance photo shoot, a dance video (a first!), and some other cool stuff.


Sarah Allan said...

Hi, Siobhan! Thank you for checking out my blog, and you now have a new follower! I've really enjoyed going through your posts. I agree...skirts in the warmer weather are awesome. I'm not particularly "girly" though I do enjoy dressing up formally, but having lived in a warmer climate for a while has made me a skirt/dress convert for everyday wear. Very comfy. :-)

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

No problem! I LOVE your blog and cant wait to see more of your writing!

Emily said...

AHHHH!!!! I love that skirt!!! Great choice!!