Monday, April 11, 2011

A very energetic talent show dance

Now my baby girl (now 12, so don't tell her I called her my baby or she will freak out) is an amazing and talented dancer. This is not one of her finest moments (bad mommy moment there I know), but the shear energy with which she performed her completely un-choreographed talent show dance last weekend is enough to put me into an awe filled trance.

A middle school talent show (and anyone who has attended one can attest to this) is basically like a 2 hour train wreck. A torturous 2 hours full of bad lip sinking, first time band songs, hoola hooping (no joke) and dancing. Autumn has been performing in this talent show since she was in 1st grade (yes, 6 years old lip sinking) and has always been very good. Last year (when mom was ill prepared and didn't bring any kind of camera) she completely choreographed a 3 minute routine that had the audience on their feet. I was so proud.

This year was a little different, but no matter what she does on stage, the fact that she was willing to get up in front of all her friends, family and a room full of at least 100 strangers is amazing and I love her so much for being that brave.

PS... I know that I cut of the beginning and the end but I didn't actually have a video camera, and I wasn't sure that my point and shoot Kodak would even take video, so please excuse the quality.

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