Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Film Grain Goodness

- I drove 110 miles
- Drank 4 cups of coffee
- Ate the yummiest Banana Creame Pie Yogurt (quickly becoming my fave)
- Walked 2 miles
- Tweeted A LOT
- Learned to use some new functions in Excel
- FAILED to adjust the width of this blog in the HTML editor
- Discovered 2 new blogs and a talented crafter I want to feature here
- Was dissapointed in the blog hop turnout
- Drank about a gallon of water
- Went to the bathroom 8 times
- wrote, with a pen and paper, and it felt good
- Edited this photo of me with a film grain filter
- Wore my pjs to the store to get milk because I was just too darned tired to care

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