Saturday, April 23, 2011

Four Heart Friday, have I told you how much I like Etsy?

Ok, so it's almost 1 am on Saturday, but that means it's still Friday in California, so I am technically posting this on Friday if I was on the west coast right?

I am TOTALLY in love with Etsy. I can't remember who told me about it, which isn't surprising considering I can't remember what I had for breakfast. I swear having kids is like having a lobotomy sometimes, I call it mom-brain. Instant short term memory loss, and apparently the ability to ramble on and on and get WAY off topic fast... what was I saying?

Topping my list of Etsy sellers this week is peifferStudio. Pretty pale porcelain ring? Ummm, yes please, I'll take 2.

Tell me creativethursday's sweet bunny-bear-bunny print is not the awesomest thing you have seen all day. Serious cuteness and that distressed look I love, love, love all day long. I see yellow everywhere lately, I don't know if it's a spring thing or what, but whatever it is I like it.

parcelandpaper has been a favorite shop of mine for quite a while, not only because I love snail mail and fun creative packaging, but also because her product names are amazing. It's like opening the crayon box when you read them, it's not grey and blue, it's GRAVEL AND POOL. I know, right?!

billyblue22 hit my soft spot with this necklace, I WANT IT so bad. I am fascinated with type, fonts and lettering. Typewriter fonts, keys and all things vintage script are my weakness right now.

I think we should have a link up party for Four Heart Friday so I can see your favorites... what do you think? Should I add a fun linky gadget thingy (so technical over here) next week?

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Emily said...

I'm with you, that typewriter key necklace is to die for!! Yummy! I love your faves! Thanks for sharing!