Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Happy Mail!

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I got the most wonderful happy mail from honeybee on Saturday! I have only participated in a few swaps since I was let go from my job in December. Unemployment was about 1/4 of my regular salary, and even the temp job I have now only lasts until August and they pay about 1/2 what I was making before. With gas prices... WAIT A MINUTE! I thought this post was supposed to be about happy mail? Geesh, get on with it already!

I know, awesome right? In case anyone is interested you can find the swap details here: Woodland Theme Swap. If you enjoy fun mail and meeting some really nice people I HIGHLY recommend, I have nothing but good luck over there. If you join look me up! My profile is HERE under Kiwivandal (what else?)


Sarah Hurley said...

what a cute swap!!!

Sarah x

Ingrid said...

So jealous love the fabric.