Thursday, April 21, 2011

World Maple Festival 2011, St. Johnsbury, VT

Last year around this same time we attended our first World Maple Festival, as you can see by the pictures (if you clicked the link) it was sunny and beautiful. This year it was freaking freezing, needless to stay we didn't stay long, and took breaks along the road to warm up.

We did stay outside long enough to get some DELICIOUS maple frosted cookies,

sugar on snow, catch some of the show from The King of Silly,

and of course we went in the bounce house.

I tried so hard to get chicken pants (that would be my 12 YO) to go up the rock wall, but after 15 minutes worth of proading I gave up and as we were walking away, do you know what I heard?

"Mom, I think I want to go up now"
GRRRR, No way are we hauling the frozen 2 YO back there to run amok. Tough biscuits cream cheese! Maybe next year.

What Maple Festival is complete without a parfait? I know, my kids are weird.

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