Monday, May 16, 2011

OK Blogger, what is going on?

Dear Blogger, Your service update has created a myriad of inconveniences. I am fully aware that you have already "apologized", but I am still cranky with you. Love, Me

Well where are my auto posts Blogger?

Huh, Huh?!

Where is my "One Crafter's Guide to Multiples Part 2"? (and 3 for that matter...)

Why have some of my posts posted twice?


Well my lovely readers, I am 100% certain I don't have a clue what is going on here, but it seems as though Blogger has gotten all friendly with my bidness and mucked about in my back end.
Now had Blogger bothered to buy me a nice steak dinner and presented me with flowers and/or Tiffany's jewelry I might have allowed a little sompin sompin, BUT... seeings as they did none of the aforementioned sucking up, I AM PISSED.

I sincerely hope to have this whole mess straightened out and fixed by tonight, hang in there peeps!

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