Friday, June 17, 2011

Four Heart Friday - Birthday Edition

In the next 2 months both my girls have birthdays, and I have to say I am pretty excited! i LOVE birthdays, I think they are the best and most important holiday you can celebrate all year. It's like saying "Hi! I'm really glad you are alive. Let's party!".

I am a sucker for theme parties, and DIY so I can't wait to try out some of this weeks 4H's...

Recycled Lovlies has so many cool ideas for every occasion and I like that I can use a lot of things I already have around the house, or can get inexpensively. Streamers are seriously one of the most useless decorations EVER, but they are SO pretty! I am definitely that mom who saves all the decorations (and yes wrapping paper and gift bags) to reuse, so I know I have a lot of old streamers I could put together for this project

Owls are everyone's favorite lately, it seems like they are everywhere, why not make some cute pillows to lounge around with? I just finished up the Dora blanket and was debating trying to make a Boots pillow to match, but I think I like these better :)

Lili (turning 3 in a week) is definitely a princess kind of gal, and we will absolutely be making crowns! I LOVE this fabric!

Emily is a super talented crafter and her blog is so fresh I love this idea for late afternoon or 'dusk' parties, easy to make, and they will be turning our back yard into a secret garden I think...

As always click the images for source pages and to see all the other cool stuff they have going on. A few weeks back I thought about turning FHF into a link party but it didn't go over very well and I think I figured out why, my URL changed and I lost a lot of regular readers, BOO!

So here's what I would REALLY LOVE from all you lovely strangers this week: Shout out FHF, I don't care how, you could write a blog post, tweet this post, mention it with a link on facebook, go visit my fan page and comment, anything to give the new URL a little love.

Since you are here you know it's, but apparently a lot of people (including some of my own family who I had to email yesterday) don't know that their bookmarks need to be changed!
Feel free to grab one of the new buttons over there in the sidebar, copy the Four Hear Friday button, whatever, just please help me get all those wonderful people back over here (they clearly don't know whet they are missing :)

Thanks guys, and also we will be going away this weekend so I will be linking up some posts from my favorite bloggers via phone and I will see you right back here on Monday, hope you make it a good one I know I will!

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