Thursday, June 16, 2011

The List

You know the longer you wait to write your "List" the more things you will need to put on it. I guess it's about time huh?

I guess I can't do 27 things by 27, since I am just a tad past that now. The question remains, how many things? and by when? Do I take the easy was out and go 33 things by 33? That gives me a whole year to do the least amount of age related items, or do I go for a nice even number like (GASP) 40 things before 40?

Something about even typing '40' makes me a little queezy honestly. I think that number is looming just far enough in the distance that I don't want to be looking at it too much yet.

Maybe I should take a page from the 28 before 29 list and do a birthday list each year?

What do you think guys?


The AfterCraft said...

Bahahahaha I totally tried the 30 before 30.. and it was an epic fail.. I decided instead to just write a list and I added a page to my blog called the list of doom.

things I have started
things I have things for to start
and thing I HONESTLY intend to start.

AND its out in the open so everyone knows my dirty long list :)

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

Things I have things to start is starting to take over my craft room of things.... I wish you luck in your quest!