Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bedtime reminders gone awry

Monday night 9:33PM: BEDTIME

12 YO: Did you make my birthday invitations yet?
(you mean the ones I said I would make 3 weeks ago?, Um... no)

Me: Not yet, I will honey, don't worry

12 YO: Well, you know I have to give them out tomorrow, it's the last day of school.
(SAY WHAT! Last day of school already? Are you kidding?)

Me: Umm, ok well I'll see what I can put together

12 YO: You better really do it, it's almost past your bedtime, don't forget or I wont have a birthday.
(WOW, she knows me too well, and a little over dramatic perhaps? wonder where that comes from..)

ME: Yes honey, I will. I promise.
(OOOOHHHHH, I promised, that means I really have to.. gah, why didn't I do this sooner?)

12 YO: HA! You promised, now you really have to. Good, love you, nite mom.

ME: I love you too baby girl, see you tomorrow

12 YO: You better not put "baby girl" on the invitations...
(now there's a thought...)

So I wipped up these thanks to MS Paint and Picnik, not bad for 15 tired minutes and crappy editing software. I'm sure if I had actually done them 3 weeks ago, the grand visions of guitar shaped invite cards, with real strings and all the other cool things I had in my head may have made it to fruition. I think these will do in a pinch. Shall I post up a blank one for you all to download and use as a template? Let me know if you want me to render one without the names and specifics... 3 weeks from now I might actually get to it :)

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