Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to avoid losing your images (and potential links)

The free photo sharing sites of the world (Photobucket, Flickr and the like) have only a certain amount of photos that you can upload before you have to pay to share. I personally don't use Photobucket so I don't know what their policy is but I know that Flickr allows 200 photos for free. After that you have to delete old ones or risk your links bring broken (or pay if you choose to add more). If you are building a blog button I highly suggest hosting your own images to avoid the inevitable broken photo link we see so often.

To host your own images all you have to do is publish them anywhere on your site. My blog buttons are posted in a post, but you could create a whole separate page to host your own images too. Once you have published your images, click on the image to show the image URL and then use that to build your blog button.

There are so many great tutorials for building blog buttons I wont share one here, but here are some links to tutorials I feel are easy to read and understand:

Musings of A Housewife and A Heart for Home

a google search for "build a blog button" turns up a ton of results too.

this will be a button soon!

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