Friday, July 1, 2011

Four Heart Friday: Pinterest Edition

I know that all across the interwebs there is a buzz about Pinterest. I told myself I was NOT going to get involved with ANOTHER site. I would resist the urge to sign up. I would hide from it at all costs. I would NEVER click those little P's on everyone's pages.

I failed.
I clicked.

and I am HOOKED.
Those of you already on Pinterest know that it would be IMPOSSIBLE not to fall in love with the lovely images. It's like We Heart It ONLY BETTER.

Wendy Sweene Pins
Why is it better?

First and foremost I think the absolute best part is that the site automatically grabs a link to the source and attached it to the photo you are pinning making it easy to share the things you love but also build an online catalog of the places you love to visit.

Jennifer Harrison Pins
This comes in especially handy when you see a really awesome project or tutorial that you want to make. You know that HUGE drop down menu in your browser called *Favorites? Well mine is OVERFLOWING with links to websites that I have NO idea why I favorited them to begin with.

Caedlighe Paolucci Pins
I'm sure I meant to make something or there was a helpful article I wanted to read, my biggest problem is that I favorited the site from the main blog address, not the specific post I wanted to look at later. Pinterest solves this problem by linking directly to the post the photo is listed in.

Emily Paben Pins

Now, some of you may be thinking how can I get in on this magical place, it's invite only? This is true and not true at the same time. Since I didn't know anyone on Pinterest personally when I wanted to join I clicked the join button and got on the waiting list. Within 2 hours I had an invite in my inbox and I was all registered and ready to go. The waiting list warns it can take a few weeks, but for me it was very fast.

So, if you want to get in on it, I can send you an invite (first some first serve they only give you a limited amount) if you post a comment below, or you can go click that join button and see how long the wait list takes for you.

If you want to see my pins click the big 'ole P over there in the sidebar. When you get there I would love it if you would follow my boards (if you like them) and leave a comment below if you have an account that I can follow!


mom in rome said...

just letting you know that I am a new fan!! love it here!!!

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

thanks for coming over! I checked outr your blog and I cant wait to go through your rome pictures!