Monday, June 27, 2011

If the zombies don't get you, George will...

Dear Treyarch,
This post is for you.
Please don’t let it end!
Love, Me

I am not a fan of horror movies.
I squirm.
I cover my eyes.
I scream out loud.
I have nightmares for weeks, playing out every possible scenario of my death.
I do however LOVE playing Call of Duty Zombie Maps.

I don’t know how to explain what is different between a video game and a movie, maybe the fact that I am in control of my character, usually heavily armed? Maybe it’s the lack of blood and gore (except a little on the zombie’s part)?

Whatever it is I am seriously addicted. I can’t count the amount of hours I have spent learning maps, creating strategies, and practicing. All of which are done into the wee hours of the morning, when I should be sleeping. All of which are shared with my husband who turned me on to video games in the first place (thank you for that dear).
The newest map pack is due out tomorrow, for those of you who don’t know, with each Call of Duty game (that features Zombie maps, released by Treyarch) there are usually 3 map packs, they are extra downloadable content you add to your hard drive to play.
The best part of the zombie maps (for me) is that they have a story line completely separate from the actual game (which is boring and I don’t really like playing). There are secrets, glitches, ‘easter eggs’, leaderboards, surprise weapons and the latest installment even features George Romero, all in a way that made sense with the overall mystery shrouding the four main zombie characters. The story line has gone from barely there in World at War to a deeply entangled plot line with better character development and mystery than many book series’ I’ve read. There are a ton of websites devoted to Call of Duty zombies, but there is a great Wiki that catalogues the characters and everything we know about what they know HERE.

The point of telling you all this (to make a long story long) is that with World at War, there were 3 map packs.This latest map pack (Annihilation) marks the 3rd map pack for Black Ops, which means there will likely be no more for Black Ops, which means that we will have another long, long wait to see the next part of the story. It’s like reading a series of REALLY good books and having to wait for them to be published one agonizing cliffhanger after another.

On the other hand (and this is really my fear) they could end the story with this map, it could be the last stand for our zombie killing friends.

I just got a little misty.

So, I beg of thee dear Treyarch, please, please don’t stop now!
Many a late night has been filled with laughter (and at times frustration) due to your work of genius.
Many a new friend has been made while slaying armies of the undead.
Many a deep conversation about strategy and teamwork has been shared by husbands, wives and children with your aid.
no source needed, I MADE THOSE BAD BOYS for my hubbs for xmas, I am the best gamer wife a boy would want.
Thank you Treyarch for everything you have brought into our lives, I really hope that it doesn’t end tomorrow.

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