Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Impatient Crafting #2 - Pillowcase Dress

I'm all about instant gratification, I have always had a deep love of Polaroid cameras, ice cream cones, vacuuming and anything else that gives me a quick and easy sense of accomplishment.

Sewing is a time intensive craft. I LOVE to sew, and I hate to sew. I love the finished product, the feeling of creating something that someone else would have paid tons more for. I love the look on my kids faces when they get a new blanket, purse or anything that I made. I love the "Ohhh, where did you get that" from friends and family and my proud kids saying "My mom made it".

I HATE that it takes so darn long! I hate that I have to follow a pattern to the letter to get the awesome results that I want. I have made MANY a halloween costume, labored for hours, and hours to get just the right stitch, corner, seam. I won't lie, they all came out pretty freaking cool, but they took forever.

When I started to blog and read blogs I realized there were so many cute things out there I could make that were fast, best suited for the Impatient Crafter. I whipped up a pretty fantastic blanket in a few hours, and this weekend I tried to make a cute pillow case dress (note the word 'tried' over there?).

It needs help.
I need some guidance here peeps, how can I fix this so it looks just a little less like a pillowcase, and just a little more like a cute dress?

PS. Tell me you don't LOVE this hair Lili is rocking? Yep, I had the CUTEST little pony in there and right before picture time it got ripped out and the bed head appeared.

So what do you think? How do I fix this up?
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