Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New pages New Twitter, maybe a new home?

Did you check out my new pages?
Did you know I have a new Twitter?
Do you think I should migrate to Wordpress?

I need answers people!

The links over there on the sidebar are all updated with the new info. If you follow my twitter to get awesome updates from me, you want @kiwivandal (I know I'm pretty cool). If you only follow to get the latest blog post as a reminder follow @AwkwardKiwi (that's the link over there on the side and below).

I will not be posting blog updates on my regular regular twitter because it also updates my personal Facebook status and my friends and family get confused and spammed.

So to recap:

Check out the tutorial collection that is growing here:

Follow the new twitter if you want blog posts here:

Comment below with your URL and Twitter and everything else I need to check out and I will!

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