Friday, July 22, 2011

Four Heart Friday:

Instead of 'what's I'm hearting 'who's this week.

My google reader is PACKED with amazing, talented, funny, crazy, wonderful people. I only know one of them IRL, but I feel like I know the rest just as well.

I read about their secrets,
I read about their parties,
I read about their troubles,
I read about their kids, dogs, brothers, sisters, reunions, nothings and their triumphs.
Just as I know you all are reading about mine.

You want to know a secret about blogging? ITS HARD.
It's not always easy sharing your life, but it's the sharing that brings us all closer together.

I hope you go visit my blog friends this week (and each other) and make us all feel a little more at home :)

MEG! One of the first blogs I ever added to my reader. Mrs. WHATEVER herself. How she manages to have an awesome blog, a ton of kids (like 5 I think?), a successful photography business and not go crazy I don't know. I would most definitely be hauled away by the men in the white suits.

Mandy. This totally fun, totally witty mom of a beautiful baby girl cracks me up! I love that she LOVES Starbucks coffee as much as me, and she's not afraid to be herself (even if that means having a potty mouth every now and then). She takes great photos and always makes me laugh.

Ashley. Little Miss Momma herself. This woman is the bravest person I know. Seriously? VIKING brave. She puts every piece of herself out there for the world to read, her nutty side, her serious side and all the stuff in between. She has great fashion sense, a cute as a button baby boy and she makes really cool stuff.

Finally, Sara. My IRL friend who just joined the blogosphere. She is a mom to 2 cute LITTLE monsters, designs the awesomest flower arrangements I have ever seen and she is a really good friend. I hope you all go check her out (PS, she posted the most heinous picture of me ever in her last post, really if for no other reason you should check out her blog just to see that)

What do you heart this week?

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- Visit someone and share the love


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