Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anatomy of a Rock Star Birthday Party Part 2: Table Banner

I am constantly reminding myself through this process that THESE THINGS WILL NEVER BE USED AGAIN. The best advise I can give someone (not that you asked) when making DIY stuff for kids is to remember that more often than not whatever you are making is going in the trash within 48 hours. Party favors, decorations, invitations all these things are likely not gong to be saved. Don't kill yourself spending tons of money, or countless hours creating something amazing unless you plan to use it again.

This is why I LOVE impatient crafting. This banner took all of 20 minutes, I used the leftover material from the blanket I made for Autumn a few months ago, this way if she wants to hang it in her room later it will match.

We plan to add this to the end of the picnic table where the kids will eat.

What we did:

1. Cut a triangle from an old paper bag to use as a guide (the paper bag is becoming some patterns for another cool project).
2. Fold over your material so you have a double thickness
3. Cut a bunch of triangles
I used 2 types of material so that we could alternate

4. Grab some ribbon and sew the triangles onto it using a zig zag stitch
I layered the 2 pieces of triangle like a sandwich around the ribbon

5. Create loops for the end and stitch into the last triangle on each side.

Some Notes:
- It took about 1/2 a yard total material
- The black loops were made out of the hang strings to a dress - you know when you buy a strapless dress there are thos annoying strings you cut off? Yeah, those. (I save everything, I swear I'm not a hoarder)
- Autumn ties some sparkly ribbon between the triangles and frayed the edges of each one to make it look 'Rock Star-ish'

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