Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Chick Easter Favors

It's time to begin this adventure of 'coolest mom in the class' all over again. I know, I don't HAVE to be cool, my kids will love me anyway, but I'm not gonna lie... I LOVE the look on the other mom's faces when their kids come home with super cute absolutely awesome treats for EVERY holiday (and sometimes when there is no real occasion at all).

I have never had it 'all together' when it comes to school. I never go to PTA/PTT meetings, I never make it to the parent nights, I HATE fundraisers (I would rather give my kids money for trips then sell a bunch of crap to my friends and family that they don't want). I am rarely seen at school or in the classroom or at events, so this is my way of making it up to my kids, by making them the 'cool kid' whose mom brings fantastic stuff for the whole class.

Also, I am a bit of a show off, so I NEVER send store bought goodies. No, no, no, only the cutest for my cuties :)

This adorable little chickie is one of the $1.00 stamps from Michaels (scrapper on a budget remember). Instead of coloring a million little chicks I chose to stamp on one of the Bazzill Basic Bling papers, this is a dull, yet shimmery gold yellow color (really specific huh?).

Any time I am making a large amount of the same item I like to take the 'assembly line' approach. I have a very small area to work with (if you recall this post about my adorable/sentamental reasons for not replacing my 2 foot table). So I need to be organized so as not to lose my pieces and my sanity. I prepare all the pieces seperately.

As you can see these little guys needed some glitter or added shine, I chose the easiest option, because as cool as I want to look to all the parents I do realize that these are going to 2 year olds who are not going to even care about the cards, they just want the cotton candy flavored lollies I added in. This gold glitter pen is my trusty cheapo gel pen.

How cute are these little guys? They are a modification on my pretty Valentine pen/lolli holder, remember I said that they were versitile? Better get used to me being right :)


Emmy said...

How adorable! They are so sweet! I love the little faces! Great idea & thanks for sharing!

Sarah Hurley said...

these are soooo cute! lovely idea

Sarah x

Emily said...

Oooh, very nice!! Love these!