Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Google +, what do you think?

I've been testing out the Google+ features for a little while now, and I have to say I am mightily impressed Google. I am loving the circle features, and filters. I like that I can integrate EVERY part of the Google products I already use into my social network. Photo sharing is 100% easier than FB, documents, collaborations and meetings are a snap.

I can see some AWESOME potential for bloggers who use Blogger (like me), and for changing the way we do everything online. Now I still think there is a place for Facebook (although the Poke feature has to go), but I find myself hanging out on G+ quite a bit more.

Want to try it out? I have a few invites available for bloggers who need them. All you have to do is click the little follow button over there on the right side of the screen and leave me a comment. First come first serve, I have 5 available.

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