Monday, July 25, 2011

July 24, 1999

"I'm so happy you are alive"
THAT is what Happy Birthday means.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, beautiful, talented, funny, courageous, fantastic, silly, wonderful girl of mine.

I'm so happy to have loved you the past 12 years.
I'm so happy to know there will be many, many more.

Some shots from the Rock Star Birthday Party:

Strutting her stuff for the Costume Contest Judges

 Cooling off with her sister (it was about a billion degrees in the shade)

 Auntie Dolci doing make up for all the guests (including Dolci's boyfriend who was such a good sport about letting the 12 year old girls dress him up)

Posing and showing off the Rock Star Cuff bracelet she we made (more on this later)

Dear Autumn,

I see you changing every time I blink. You get taller, smarter, funnier. I know that we may fight a little more than we used too, but Mema says that is what moms and tweenage girls do. Since she has had 2 girls, and you are my first tween I believe her. I love you so very much, even when we disagree. I see you putting your mark on this world is powerful and positive ways every day. I am so proud. I hope that even though I know you have lost a lot of your innocence, that you will still believe in magic forever, still be amazed at the stars and always reach for them.

Thank you for making my life interesting :)
Thank you for making my life great.

Thank you for being you,

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