Friday, August 26, 2011

Four Heart Friday: A fanciful fall wedding

This week I took a position as a manager of an establishment what hosts weddings on a pretty regular basis. The past week has been a whirlwind of BEAUTIFUL fall wedding planning. I am in LOVE with weddings right now! I decided this week to feature some of my favorite fall wedding research.

I think I have said about a million times how much I love fall. It's my favorite season, I think because I live in a region where fall is breathtakingly beautiful. Like, pull your car over to marvel at the beauty of mother nature beautiful. I highly recommend adding the Northeast Kingdom to your bucket list if you haven't already (we are officially in the book of 100 places to visit before you die book).

Ok enough, blah blah, on with the hearts already.
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Happy Friday!

I wish I had found this when I was planning my wedding. NaturallyAspen's toadstool ring bearer pillow would have been perfect for my woodland themed wedding! In fact almost everything in their shop could easily be added to my "Things I want in my dream home" Pinterest board (especially these, this and this).

This is where I wanted to show you a picture of my wedding bouquet. I heart it big time, but alas, while searching through the facebook wedding album I could not find one, sooooo, here is a bouquet I heart a little less, but it is still lovely. I also love the snippit of this dress, kinda wish I could see the whole thing though I bet it is divine.

Style Me Pretty is one of my go to wedding fix sites. I don't think I have ever shared with y'all my infatuations with all things wedding.... or maybe I have? Either way, sometimes I spend some time (more than what the Hubbs deems normal for someone who is already married) scouring wedding sites "Ohhhhing and Ahhhhing" over pretty photos like this. Then there is always the inevitable "Honey, when we re-do our vows..." conversation and that is right about the time he tunes me out.

Speaking of "next time", he will totally be wearing this boutonniere (from Tellable Design), and the flower girl will have a crown of leaves and flowers, and... yeah, I will just stop there before I decide to get planning my whole 20th anniversary re-vowing ceremony (as if I haven't already).

and the bonus footage, me looking like a freak waiting for a million people to take my picture when all I really want to do is take of the 4 inch heels I am wearing... (accompanied by 1 sister, 3 good friends, 1 distracted, yet adorable daughter)
no, I will not make that any bigger....
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Emily said...

Love the images... I can't wait until I get married... although, I would prefer a small wedding and a big party afterward. LOL Hope you have been doing well!

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

Thanks Emily! WHen are you getting married? we had a pretty small wedding only about 100 ppl and a big fun party at a ski lodge, it was beautiful :)

dosweatthesmallstuff said...

Well, my fave season is Summer, but those wedding pics... yes, Fall is indeed beautiful!

The fall boutonniere is adorable! Quirky and fun -- LOVE it!

*sigh* all those wedding pics are making me wishful! lol