Friday, September 2, 2011

Four Heart Friday: Postponed Edition

It's been a pretty rough week here, what with hurricanes, flooding and a new job. So, while I DO have a lot of things to {heart}, I just have not had the time to get it all out here for you.

I know you will all forgive me, instead here are some random things I felt it was pertinent to share (which of course means they are now probably added to your mental bank of things you will never, ever, have a real use for).

Here goes...

Yes, there is an entire FB page dedicated to the useless knowledge no one ever, ever will need to know, except maybe to win something off a local radio station.

I'm hoping that this means enough people have searched for my blog that it is starting to come up on autofill, I am also wondering how "kiwivand" brings up kiwibank.

My Klout score is 47, and apparently I am influential about coffee and zombies. I have no idea what that means. Also I influence 109 people, if I were them I would start looking into therapy now. Also, I am NOT paying those bills so just forget that people.

Last but not least, apparently...
I stopped right here, because my brain could not comprehend why ANYONE would google GOOGLE. Really? Why? More bizzare is why would anyone ask the question "what happens when you google GOOGLE"? Let alone enough people asking it to warrant an auto fill? Chuck Norris, meh ok, I get that, he's weird and people tell jokes about him, whatever. Blue Waffles? I don't even want to know. Yourself? Yep, everyone does that (see above photos), Rick Santorum? I have no idea who that is, or why he thinks he is so special.

What are you google-ing today?

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Suetopia said...

If you do not know who Rick Santorum is you need to . . . yup. . . you know. . . Google HARDER!