Monday, September 5, 2011

Operation: Get Fit Family // Mom goes to the gym

Have you ever jumped out of bed at 5 am and said "YES, it's 5am, lets go to the GYM! I can't wait, that eliptical is calling my name!"

Yeah, neither have I.
Shall we see that face a little closer?

I have however started to get moving, I JOINED the gym (which is a feat unto itself really). I also went to my first session with a trainer to learn how to use all the machines. 40 minutes later I thought I was going to die right there.
(this is what it looks like after your 1st workout in 12 years, PAINFUL)
My arms burned,
My legs ached,
I was lightheaded, and I hadn't even started my cardio yet...
20 more minutes on the eliptical forced me to crawl home and shower, and nap.

The nap MAY have been the absolute worst decision I have ever made,
When I woke up,I actually felt WORSE, so stiff and sore.

Day 1 of Getting Fit, not so great. My trainer (and everyone at the gym) was super encouraging...
"Pretty soon it will be the best part of your day"
"You will come to look forward to it"
"Don't worry, it gets easier, and your body will adjust"

Now, that may be complete BULLHONKEY, but it does make me feel a little better about going back.

What are you doing to get fit?
Any MOVEMENT counts:
vacuuming, walking, jogging, plaing wiffle ball, chasing your kids, anything. Take some silly pictures of yourself, your kids, your whole family getting out and moving, and LINK UP HERE (or below, same list!).
Here is another cool button (my personal favorite for this party)...


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