Friday, November 18, 2011

Four Heart Friday: Almost Winter Edition

Winter in the Northeast Kingdom comes early, gets REALLY cold, and stays for what seems like FOREVER.

Awesome parts of winter: TONS of white, pretty, sparkly snow; hot chocolate, sledding, skiing, skating, snow days, no yard work, frosty windows, catching snowflakes.
Awful parts of winter: TONS of snow to shovel, driving in sleet and freezing rain, -40 degree temps, getting snowed in with no hot chocolate!

I heart, heart, heart this awesome mug. Perfect for a sledding party? I think, YES. It's like the hot beverage equivalent of the wine glass marker.
BluhmsGarden on Etsy

and something to go in the fabulous mug? How about hot chocolate on a stick! Who thinks up these things? I kinda wish I had, this would be a seriously fun idea for a sledding party too, kids would love it. I have an unnatural addiction to coffee, I wonder if you could fill this sucker up with espresso?
sweetnuzz on Etsy

I have always wanted a big chunky cowl to throw on when I have to go out in the winter, I'm on the look out for some huge wooden buttons so I can try my hand at knitting my own this year. I've made tons of scarves, I'm thinking that if I just made a really short, fast scarf and threw some buttons on there it should work right?
HandmadeCottage on Etsy

I hate to say it but, there is only 5 weeks left until Christmas. Santa is feeling the pressure I'm sure. I absolutely refuse to bring out the decorations until after Thanksgiving, but I have started taking inventory so that I can grab anything we need on Black Friday (yes, I am one of the millions of morons up at 2 am to drive 2 hours to go shopping on Black Friday). These stockings are so simple and pretty, we have handmade stockings (from my Grandmother, she has made one for every person in the family since my mom was born) but if I didn't have those, I would totally buy these.
elgies on Etsy

What are you hearting this week?
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