Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Impatient Crafting: Making ATC labels in Picnik

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Picnik? Have I also mentioned that sometimes I am impatient and need instant gratification?

I will concede that Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro have many features Picnik can only dream of having, but when you need something done quickly and only need a few basic edits it's perfect.

To finish off ATC's for trading you should always put the card information on the back. You can hand write the info but I prefer to add a label that way I can make the cards 3-D and not worry about trying to scrawl on the back of a bumpy surface.

I whipped these up in less than 30 minutes on Picnik using the Collage, Stickers and Text features only, no photos required. Pretty saaaaweeeet if you ask me.

To make your own:

1. Open Picnik and select Collage from the top menu.

2. Select your collage size, change the background to white and minimize all of the spacing by dragging the bar all the way to the left. Select done, and Picnik takes you to the editing menu.

3. Select Stickers on the top menu and add a few, fade the color out using the slide bar that appears when you add the sticker so that you will be able to write on them later.

4. Once your stickers are all placed and faded, select Text from the top menu. Add your text and change fonts until you are satisfied with your label. TIP: To create the line to write on use "shift -". Underline/Tab combo do not work in Picnik.

4. Select Save and Share when you are finished. Add your .jpg image to a word document and print!

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