Friday, December 2, 2011

FHF Handmade Holidays No.1

By the time December is over you are going to be so stuffed full of gifts and decor you're all going to hate me :) I am so excited about the next few Four Heart Friday's! As you know I am a Pinterest addict and I have been collecting some pretty fun DIY's for me (and you). This week I was sewing and scrapping, next week I will be knitting and using a staple gun (it's not as dangerous as it sounds).
Better Homes and Gardens Tutorial: I am SO Making this.
Tutorials and my OWN handmade gifts will begin popping up next week (I have warned my friends and family to stay away from here until after Christmas, like a "Do not open until Dec.25th warning). They may not heed my advice, in which case they will all know what they are getting, but that's their loss on the surprise factor, because I am really excited to show you what I'm making!

This week I am majorly hearting any tutorial that can be 1. completed in one day, and 2. I already have the materials for. This makes this week's hearts fast and inexpensive for gift giving (for me anyway).

I've been drooling over cowls for weeks and weeks, I don't typically like things touching my neck (factoid about me). I never wear necklaces because it feels like a choking hazard, I do love to wear scarves though. It's freezing cold here most of the year and I love to be warm. My kids are neck warmer types, they tend to get frustrated with the dangly-ness and awkward styling of a scarf (I've had a lot of practice). So this seems like a logical choice:
luvinthemommyhood tutorial and downloadable PDF Pattern
My little Lili is getting to that stage of her 3 year old life where she actually plays with her stuffed animals and babies, how sweet would it be to have their own little camping set? These sleeping bags seem like a good start, I'm searching for a tent pattern too (if anyone knows any hit me up on FB!).
HAZELNUTS rendition of Flossie Teacakes little bears pattern

This makes me feel like I want to give necklaces a try! So pretty and white so it goes with everything, I think it could be modified into a bracelet / earring combo pretty easily too. I might add a few crystals to earrings along with the pearl bits...
Southern Fairy Designs Anthro Power of 3 knockoff
Last heart of the week is the greatest photo tip I have received in years! I have always been disappointed with my tree and decoration photos because of the crappy lighting in my house, and now I know it was really just the way I was using my camera. I have a point and shoot camera, but it does have manual settings, I have just been too scared (or too lazy) to try them. This is a great excuse.

It works for Bobbi! Tutorial
Thank you blogosphere for all the inspiration, I heart you.

What are you hearting this week? Any cool tutorials for good gifts or decor this year?

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