Tuesday, January 10, 2012

United States Postal Service

Dear Postal Workers of the United States of America,


Love, Me

Dear Everyone Else,

Help save the USPS. Help save 6 days a week of mail. Help save millions of jobs.

All you have to do is send a letter, a postcard, a crazy package. Everyone likes to get mail, especially if it's not bills. Write a love letter to your own husband or kids, pay for postage and send it to them. It's inexpensive compared to many other things and every single letter counts.

Get your bills in your inbox if you want (I do), but get your correspondence in your mailbox.

Join a website like Swap-Bot or Postcrossing to make it fun and a little more social. Find pen pals on Facebook or twitter. Whatever you do DO IT FAST.

Also, tell your postal workers you like them, appreciate them and be nice, they have a thankless job.

Love, Me

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