Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Heart Friday: Gearing up for V Day

In the spirit of Valentines Day which is coming up soon I've been searching for ideas to make for my kids, but honestly, I found more fun things for the BIG kids than for them this year.

Who doesn't love Robot Love? from happyfamily on Etsy

I'm not usually into the whole Gluten free thing but these look SO good. From MamasGFreeCakeBalls on Etsy. Ok, for real? could "mama" really not think of a better name for this shop?

Since I am iPhone free (i wish cupid would bring me one of those!) I love this card. From RedLetterPaperCo on Etsy.

A simple banner is all you need for your kitchen or living room, or maybe on the bathroom mirror? From thisvintagething on Etsy

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