Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crafting and Shopping and Swapping OH MY!

While my writers block is still firmly mortared in place, my crafting inspiration has been up and running for the past few weeks. If I am ever going to get back into my blog groove I figured that posting up some new crafts is a great place to start.

I've been back to swapping on Swap-Bot since I am in the down season at work, so there have been a lot of new crafts around my craft table lately. If you have never tried Swap-Bot you should go there right now and check it out, if nothing else go read the Swap-Bot Blog, Rachel has the very best links to new projects and fun tutorials there every week, and she also puts up an Etsy round up each week which is well worth looking at.

I am working on a new tutorial for a Needle Case for one of the group swaps I am hosting, here is the preliminaries:

I will be posting the whole thing up as a tutorial once I get the test version sewn up, and if you don't want to wait take a gander at these beauties you can grab over on Etsy right now:

by fiberliscious on Etsy

by fiberliscious on Etsy

by Homespunstitchworks on Etsy