Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Story of Us: Part 4 Tragedy in my small town

There is no point in retelling a story that someone else has already lent lovely words to, so I will instead give my reflection to the events of the past 3 days.

Recap: A wonderful woman, mother and teacher was kidnapped and murdered, leaving behind a beautiful 2 YO boy. Full story HERE courtesy of ABC News.

My Facebook feed has been difficult to look at the last few days to say the least. As you all know I am a lover of words and these two shining beacons have made it into the copy, paste, save hall of fame for me today:

The Forward Thinker 's touching article and Pastor Becca's words of wisdom. You all know I am not a religious person by any means, but I happened to have grown up with Pastor Becca my whole life, shared more bread and juice with her than many of her followers have and I can't say I believe there is a more decent and kind person from my past that I trust with my heart this day, so take it from an atheist, the blog post is more than worth the read (she is also quite funny and most of her blog posts are extremely entertaining).

and that sentiment was resounded by many on my comment wall, then a table turned, almost as swift as the grief had come so did the certainty of what we needed to do:

and today? after a restless night, I have wiped away my tears, but not the heartache just yet, and say this

The Kingdom is in mourning, but we will soon rise up and hunt for the darkness that did this and shine the light of justice until no shadow is left behind. Maybe the evil doer in our scenario believed us, Notheast Kingdom, small town, nobodies to be the meek, but if that old saying is true? We will inherit this earth and we reclaim it NOW.

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