Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How writers block can freak out your friends

Writers block is a bizarre thing, it drives a person crazy thinking about what to write. In my case most of the time there is never a lack of things to write but the opposite of having too many thoughts and not knowing where to start.

That is when I journal things, random weird things. Things that would definitely paint me in a weird and slightlty crazy (and sometimes corny) light. So I of course do not write them out loud. This is when I get frustrated and begin to read. This is when I devour books like a honey badger on a snake. Then I start thinking about the things I am reading in juxtaposition to things in my real life... then weird phone calls get made...

J: (answers phone after series of frantic texts from me) Yeeeesss.
Me: If you woke up tomorrow and were presented with an impossibly bizarre set of clues that led you to the conclusion that I was somehow missing and if you followed the clues you might find me, and I may or may not be there, and I may or may not be dead would you follow the clues anyway?
J: (hesitant) Umm... Ummm
Me: I am not crazy, drunk or on the verge of killing myself if that helps you in your decision making
J: Then Yes?
Me: Good... also would you still follow those clues if you thought I was a smurf? You know like if in finding me, you would be finding me as a smurf
J: Yes, I would want to see the other smurfs
Me: This is how I know you are my friend, not only because you answer my ridiculous hypothetical questions at 9:00 at night, but you do it with complete seriousness and don't think I am crazy.
J: I didn't agree to the not crazy part.

Extra points if you can guess what book I just finished before making this call.

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