Sunday, January 2, 2011

Promotions, Contests and Swapping

Hello Ladies and Gents! It's time for some housekeeping. As you are all aware I enjoy chillin out over at swap-bot (click banner to be taken to it's magical homepage). I am the founder of a fun group called Scraptopia. I hate to brag but I think I am pretty clever (ok I love to brag, you know this). Lately I have been getting major brain blasts, my latest was a way to bring attention to some of my fellow crafty swappers. EVERYONE in this group is sooooo creative it's insane. So I figured, why should I get all the horn tooting? So as of today our newest promotion went live!

The details:
- Members send me a photo of their amazing work, and a short blurb about the work, how we contact them, their Etsy shop or blog etc.
- I post their blurbs and photos on the front page of the Scraptopia group along with a little commentary and a link to their profile
- They are automatically entered to win a FABULOUS prize!

So, I know you are all thinking "How can I get in on this action?" JOIN US!!!! (insert shameless peer pressure here). At the very least you should definitely join up, join some fab swaps, make some great friends and congratulate @ArtyBeth3 on being the first contributor to the contest!


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