Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shall we dance?

Dear Autumn,
This year when I brought you to your dance photo shoot, in between the screaming freak out you had (at 12 years old) about the french braids, and the costume malfunction (your first time wearing a strapless bra), I realized that you are not my little girl anymore.

Your beautiful face has cheekbones, no more baby pudge. Your eyes sparkle when you talk about something exciting, or when you are in front of the camera (boy, you sure do love the camera!)

Your smile lights up the whole room, and I can see people looking at you when you are not looking (and believe me those boys will not be happy if I catch them staring at ANYTHING other than your smile). Your laugh is lower, prettier than it was when you were a giggly little girl.

You know how to put on makeup better than me, and you look like a teenager! I am so excited for the possibilities in your future, and scared to death when I see how grown up you are. I know that you will make the right decisions, you are so smart and talented. I miss the little girl in you that made funny faces, and giggles and snuggled...

Oh wait! THERE SHE IS :)

I love you baby-almost-teenage-growing out of control-girl,


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