Monday, May 23, 2011

"Kiwi, you are a HUGE Slacker!"

Want to win a prize?
The person with me MOST UNIQUE BIRTHDAY TWEETS to @Kiwivandal (me) before my birthday on Monday May 30th will win something rediculously awesome.

I WISH it could be this:

But it's NOT, so if you want the cool typewriter you will have to click the image above and go buy it (for me for my birthday maybe?)

"Serisouly, Siobhan aka Kiwi you are a bona fide SLACKER!"

I know that is what you are all saying right now (or have been over the past few days if you checked in).

No Four Heart Friday last week?
No Meet Me Monday?
No Posts of any kind?

Where are you!

Life has been busy.
My oldest is antsi to be out of school, my youngest is antsi to be outside playing.

It has rained EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKDAY. for the past 2 weeks.
We have been spending our weekend time together outside getting the most of what little sun we are able to.

Planting, digging, building, splashing, collecting, smiling, laughing, BEING.

I hope you all will forgive me!
I make no promises to have a full week of blog posts this week.
I WILL promise you a spectaular Four Heart Friday, so come on back and link up your faves of this week.

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