Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm not that mom... OBVIOUSLY

Remember THIS POST about the kind of mom I'm NOT?

Well lets just say, I'm the kind of mom that videotapes their kids throwing fits to save for blackmail, and then shares it will a million mommies all over the planet via her blog, because she knows there are ladies out there, laughing along saying "ahhuh, been there, done that".

2 Minutes earlier:

"Mommy?, cas I hav skissrs?"

"No Lili, those are not a safe toy"

"I wats them!"

"I'm sorry, honey, you can't have them. What do you need to cut?"



I pulled out the camera phone a tad late on this one it's hard to tell but she's trying to tell me NOT to say no, but it just turned into blubbery, screaming after a few minutes... I love you Lils :)

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