Monday, June 13, 2011

Off my game.

... I was late to work
... it rained ALL DAY
... I felt frantically behind from the moment I woke up
... I accidentally made my 12 year old cry (bad mommy moment to be shared at another time)
... I cried for about 45 minutes
... I visited a friend I had missed last weekend and laughed while our kids played
... My husband won his softball games
... I killed 197 zombies in 3 games of Call of Duty Black Ops (for those of you who don't play, THAT IS REALLY BAD). I am not usually that bad, I blame it on the crying.
... My 2 YO smiled at me and put her cute hands on both sides of my face and gave me a SERIOUS LOOK and said "Mommy, I have poop in my butt" and of course I laughed even as I was silently SCREAMING use the potty already!
... My car almost ran out of gas because I stupidly left the house without my debit card
... My sheets were changed

I am having an off day, here's to hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Here's to happy faces that make me smile, a sunny day on the horizon, and maybe lasagna for dinner!

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