Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer is officially OVER

Dear Sweet Summer,

I have enjoyed your sunny days, warming rays and drippy Popsicle sticks. I am sorry that you came so late and stayed for so short a time. I wish you could see how beautiful the fall has become, and although I am not a big fan of the colder weather, you would not be nearly as special if you were here all year.

Thank you for this amazing sunny haired smile, that frolicked in your green grass

 Thank you for letting me be brave enough to try some funky colored toenails, they were a big hit with the friends and fam. Even if it took a million years and some gritty sandpaper to get all the glitter off later.

Thank you for inviting me over to all my buddy Sara's house for her delicious cooking because she is the only person I know with a grill who can cook outside when it is TOO dang hot to be inside. Thank you Sara for being able to cook such amazing food since I am inadequate in the kitchen.

Thank you for bringing these amazing girls closer together through sticky, germ infested fair rides, if even for a few hours. They love you Summer, so much and they will miss you over the next nine months.

I hope you will come again soon, and bring less hurricanes and more flowers next year.
Love, Me

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