Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anatomy of a Rock Star Birthday Party: The final showdown

Autumn's Big Bash has been quite an event to plan and carry out. Now that it's over I can safely say we will NEVER do that again. It was SO HOT, way too hot to have a Costume Contest and a bunch of kids in and out of the house. From now on Autumn has 2 choices: Have the party at the beach or have it during the school year when it's cooler.

Pick and water bottle stickers, made in Picnik and printed on full sheet sticker paper
The Rock Star theme was a good one, I loved all her ideas, but having a birthday during the summer is hard. Anyone who has ever tried to coordinate vacation schedules with a dozen or so families can attest to the craziness, and hurt feelings that can occur. Most of the kids invited were at family reunions or vacationing out of state. We definitely has a good crew, and everyone had fun, which is really the most important thing.

Sunday Bar and Cake Pops
Some of our FAIL craft:

One of our activities was to have the guests all make their own rock star cuffs. Autumn loved the idea, and our prototype came out quite good. In the end it just seemed like 2 much hassle with everything else going on and our last minute venue change (oh yes, the heat was TOO much and we decided we needed a sprinkler, so in true rocker style we had a last minute venue change to Mema's house).

These cute little guitars were going to be sacks of candy, the paper bag patterns came out pretty good, but they never made their way to the stage due to costuming difficulties, we just didn't have the time to decorate them up and sew them all. Autumn designed them all herself, I LOVE the pac man one, it may still have a use someday...

To recap, the even was a success, just not the way we had planned, and that's ok. The venue change made the fact that the band cancelled great, because we wouldn't have had space for them. Mema busted out some fun water ball nerf thingies and the kids spent so much time chucking them at each other to cool off, they didn't notice there wasn't a cuff making activity.

If you missed the DIY stuff, you can find the invites HERE, Backstage passes HERE and an Impatient Crafter's Rocker Banner HERE. ENJOY!


Ashley said...

LOL at the craft fails...they always make me laugh when I have an idea for something annnnd it doesn't quite turn out. My husband thinks its funny too.

I wandered over from littlemissmomma. your comment was right over mine and I wanted to answer but didn't know how. I had the same problem for years plus i'd get headaches if I left it on for more than hour and most left a funny gap between my hair and the headband. I started making my own instead, lol. They don't slip and don't hurt, everyone is shocked when they wear them and let me know the next day that they stayed in place and forgot it was on their head. It's the strech band I use. My friends feel comfortable using it on their newborns so that makes me happy.

You can check out my shop at and use coupon code "thebeginning" to taking 10% off anything you like for the next week :) all the items in the Bella collection can be made for anysize (newborn to adult) so it's perfect for your little lady as well.


Marla Rae Morrison said...

Just wanted to let you know that the box of goodies you sent came yesterday! Everything is awesome! I love the bird bag! Thanks so much! :)

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

I'm so glad you got them! and better yet, I'm glad you liked them :) My next project is Operation: GET ORGANIZED MOM! I'm sure there will be de-stashing in the works, keep your peepers peeled!